10 Best Resistance Band Exercises for a Slimmer Stomach

Band squats begin with feet shoulder-width apart on a resistance band. Hold the resistance band shoulder-high. Sit back on your heels and squat. To end, flex your glutes and stand up.

Band Squats (x15 reps)

Put one foot on the resistance band. Grab the band at chest height with both hands. Keep your other foot behind you and toes grounded. Keep your chest up and core firm as you lower your back leg to the floor. Regain height by driving into your front heel. Complete all repetitions on one leg before switching.

Band Split Squats (x12 reps per leg)

Half-kneel and grasp the band overhand. Extend your elbows and pull the band toward you, flexing your upper back. Fully straighten your arms before another rep.

Half-Kneeling Band Rows (x15 reps)

Kneel and wrap a resistance band around a pull-up bar to start band lat pulldowns. Driving your elbows back toward your hips, squeeze your lats at the bottom, keep your core firm. Stretch well at the top and repeat.

Band Lat Pulldowns

Wrap the band around a strong pole/beam for the band chest press. Grab the grips and face away from the band. Step forward in a split stance with a firm core. After pressing the band forward, squeeze your chest and triceps. To return to the start, resist with those muscles. One rep.

Band Chest Press (x15 reps)

Stand on the resistance band in the center with one or both legs. Raise the handles to your shoulders, keeping your core tight, and flex your shoulders forcefully at the top. Resist the descent before another rep.

Band Shoulder Press (x10-12 reps)

Wrap a resistance band around and tie it over a strong pole or beam above you to begin this workout. Standing underneath the band, grip it with both hands and bring it to your chest. Standing crunch, curl all the way down, and flex your abs hard at the bottom with a strong core and straight legs.

Standing Band Crunch (x15-20 reps)

Loop a resistance band around a strong beam or pole for this following step. Pull the band out a few feet in front of you and do a side plank with your top hand on the handle. As you draw the band toward you, tighten your core and clench your glutes. Flex your lat towards the finish.

Side Plank Band Rows (x10 reps per side)

Start this workout by wrapping a resistance band around a stout pole or bean. Pulling the band out a few feet and placing both feet within creates stress. Keep your core taut during a pushup. Bring one knee to your chest and flex your lower abs before returning to the start.

Band Mountain Climbers (x10 reps per leg)

Band chops conclude these belly fat resistance band workouts. To produce tension, tie the band to a solid beam and step out. Pronate (overhand) hold the band end with both hands. Keep your feet broad. Rotate the band from your upper back with a firm core.

Resistance Band Chops (x15 reps per side)

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