10 Daily Habits That Can Increase Testosterone

Regular exercise

Change your workout program if you don't already. Exercise benefits your mind, body, soul, and testosterone. "Engaging in physical activity, especially weightlifting or HIIT, can boost testosterone production." "These exercises boost testosterone and muscle growth during and after exercise."

Stress management

Day-to-day stress is real. But it's crucial to avoid unneeded stress and maybe rethink "stress." If thinking about being stressed makes you even more stressed, it's time to start using stress management tactics to reduce the weight on your shoulders.

Getting enough restful sleep

Another secret testosterone-lowering habit? Not sleeping enough. Optimize your sleep environment and nighttime routine for Z's. (For instance, sleep in a cold, dark environment and turn off blue light gadgets before bed.)

Following a balanced diet

A balanced diet has many benefits beyond weight loss. Food can make you feel great inside and out since you are what you eat. Eating properly every day will nourish your body with the nutrients it needs, reduce "junk food" cravings, invigorate you, and improve intestinal health.

Weight management

To increase testosterone, maintain a healthy weight. "Excess fat accumulation can lead to increased estrogen levels and [a] decrease [in] testosterone levels." Regular exercise, a good diet, proper sleep, and not sweating the minor stuff can help manage and lose weight.

Spending time outdoors

Spending time outdoors soaking up the sun and taking in the fresh air boosts mood and testosterone. Garcia says, "As mentioned [previously], vitamin D is key to testosterone production, and spending time in the sun and getting it naturally is best."

Limiting alcohol consumption

Beer with the boys is great, but you may want to limit your alcohol intake. "Drinking alcohol can lower testosterone," Garcia warns. Alcohol should be avoided, but if you must drink, the CDC recommends two drinks or less per day for men.

Consuming healthy fats

A nutrient-dense, well-rounded diet should prioritize healthy fats for several reasons. "Foods like avocado, nuts, and olive oil all have healthy fats which are important for hormone production," Garcia says. Healthy fats also fill you up and prevent heart disease.

Limiting sugar and ultra-processed foods

Fried, processed foods are tasty for late-night snacks or watching sports with friends, but they're bad for your health. The same goes for sugary and unhealthy meals.


Don't risk dehydration. Without enough water, you may be hungry, have headaches, feel weary, have trouble concentrating, and decrease your metabolism. Dehydration affects testosterone. Dehydration can impair hormone synthesis, so remain hydrated. Garcia emphasizes its importance to your wellness.

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