3 Lean Proteins You Should Eat Every Day For Faster Weight Loss Over 40

Lean Protein For Weight Loss

Lean proteins like eggs, chicken breast, and Greek yogurt help over-40s lose weight. These protein sources help retain muscle mass, which declines with age and slows metabolism, keep you satisfied longer, lowering calorie consumption, and deliver critical nutrients without fat or empty calories.

Eggs are a complete protein source with many nutrients, especially the yolks. Chicken has significant protein and iron content.

 According to MacPherson, a yogurt or cottage cheese parfait with berries and granola is a nutritious snack or breakfast, especially if the yogurt is plain Greek yogurt, which has more protein and less sugar.

To promote healthy weight reduction or control, MacPherson says that lean protein gives higher satiety than other foods and helps maintain a calorie balance.

Lean Protein Meal Recommendations

MacPherson shares several healthy meals that you could incorporate into your diet as part of a balanced approach to weight loss over 40.

"Eggs, veggies, toast, and avocado provide a balanced breakfast or lunch with protein, fiber, healthy carbohydrates, and fats. A supper with lean protein like chicken breast, sirloin steak, fish, and veggies with a grain is balanced and nutrient-dense "she says.

She adds that whole grain rice and pasta provide fiber and micronutrients that promote digestion, satiety, and protein intake, lowering calorie intake and cravings.

These lean proteins, along with other healthy vegetables, grains, and good fats, support weight loss and a healthy lifestyle, making them a great choice for 40-year-olds and older.

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