49ers TE George Kittle fined for profane Cowboys T-shirt taunt

George Kittle, a tight end with the San Francisco 49ers, was fined $13,659 for wearing a T-shirt that said "(expletive) Dallas" during the team's 42-10 victory over the Cowboys on Sunday.

The fine that Kittle will pay for a league infraction falls under a first offense for unsportsmanlike behavior, according to the league's enforcement of its rules.

Following a 26-yard touchdown run by running back Jordan Mason in the fourth quarter, Kittle raised his jersey to show a T-shirt bearing the same statement in blue text.

Against Dallas, Kittle hauled in three passes for 67 yards, scoring a touchdown on each catch.

According to Kittle this week, "probably to get a fine." "Maybe I used an improper term on my customised T-shirt. So that's the way it is. I made the choice to do it. They can fine me if they so want."

When asked if wearing the T-shirt was worth it before he was punished, he said, "100%." Would I do it again?

Kyle Shanahan, the head coach of the 49ers, stated he didn't mind the T-shirt.

Shanahan, "Just Kittle, WWE stuff, entertainment," stated. "Not really much, just smiled at it."

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