6 'Bad' Carbs That Are Actually Good For Weight Loss


Next on our list of the top bad carbohydrates for weight loss are potatoes, which may surprise you. "A medium-sized potato is only 110 calories, has no fat, and is satisfying, thanks to its water content and its five grams of fiber, if eaten with the skin


Please add corn-on-the-cob to your shopping list immediately. This carb is great for weight reduction since it has lots of fiber and requires moderate chewing. "Your brain has more time to get the signal that you've eaten


Bread can help you lose weight! The Nutrition Twins say "not all bread is created equal." "Whole wheat bread rules. One piece of whole wheat bread has 110–120 calories and helps counter carb deficiency.


Underripe bananas are the key to weight loss, even if they're sugary. "A good source of satiating fiber and low in calories," say The Nutrition Twins. Underripe bananas contain resistant starch, which is indigestible and blocks carb absorption, which is good for weight reduction.


Here come beets. No need to avoid this carb due to its high sugar concentration. The Nutrition Twins call beets "sweet little gems [that] are packed with nutrients." Beets' nutrients enable cleansing, exercise, and illness prevention. 


You may have heard that carrots' sugar content hinders weight reduction. Get rid of that mindset today! "[Carrots] have no added sugar, and in fact, fight the inflammation that sugar causes that makes weight loss harder and that leads to weight gain

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