6 Best Drinks To Help You Lose Belly Fat and Slow Visible Aging

Chlorophyll water

"The antioxidants found in chlorophyll work in the body to remove and reduce toxins and free radical damage," Best says. "Allowing this damage to occur leads to aging skin and other major health issues. Natural anti-inflammatory components in chlorophyll water reduce skin irritation, which can promote loose skin and wrinkles."


If chlorophyll water isn't your thing, try kombucha to halt aging and lose weight. A Scientific Reports study found that a healthy and diversified gut flora was linked to decreased visceral fat, which surrounds your organs and can cause belly fat.


A paper in Clinical, Cosmetic, and Investigational Dermatology recommends drinking enough of water to keep skin moisturized and younger-looking. Moisturizers and creams can assist, but only if your foundation drinks water.

Black coffee

If you like to drink black coffee in the morning, you may have found one of the greatest drinks for losing belly fat and appearing young.

Green tea

A Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health research linked greater green tea consumption to decreased abdominal obesity risk. In another Journal of Functional Foods study, green tea drinkers had reduced visceral fat after 12 weeks. Green tea and belly obesity have been studied extensively, but skin aging has not.

Black tea

Antioxidants in this drink counter inflammation, battle wrinkles, and help you lose weight. Black tea includes polyphenols that help control weight and reduce obesity risk, according to Molecules. In addition, black tea keeps your skin plump and moisturized, making it a great drink when you're thirsty and want to help your body.

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