6 Workouts That Burn the Most Calories and Faster Weight Loss

Individual swimming works the whole body. Some claim it's an undervalued kind of cardio or a low-intensity workout that burns calories and builds lean muscle. Research confirms its weight loss advantages.


Zumba might help you lose weight in a pleasant group setting. It's not a "sport" per se, but an aerobic high-intensity workout with precise motions among a community of dance cardio enthusiasts.


Basketball is a popular, competitive sport that helps you lose weight. Harvard Health Publishing says a 155-pound player burns 288 calories in 30 minutes. That's a baseline, however bigger people may burn more calories during activity.


A flag football game has two 20-minute halves, totaling 40 minutes. A 150-pound flag football player burns 363 calories every game. MyFitnessPal estimates that a 200-pound person burns 484 calories and a 250-pound person 605. Players must sprint, leap, and change directions fast, which can tax your body.

Flag Football

Rock climbing works the core, legs, arms, glutes, and back, according to WebMD. It mixes strength and cardio activity to boost daily calorie burn and promote weight loss. Rock climbing burns 480–660 calories per hour, according to study! Be warned that this sport is intense, so it may take some getting accustomed to.

Rock Climbing

In addition to weight loss, this popular workout offers several health advantages. Cycling improves fitness, insulin sensitivity, and reduces the risk of heart disease, cancer, and mortality, according to research. Harvard Health Publishing indicates that novices to experts may burn 210 to 441 calories in 30 minutes of cycling, depending on weight and activity.


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