7 Daily Habits That Keep Your Heart Young

Keep a blood pressure log.

Regular examinations with your doctor or cardiologist can uncover cardiovascular disease risk factors such excessive blood pressure, cholesterol, and diabetes. 

Limit or quit alcohol.

For a while, moderate drinking was considered'safe'. He tells Best Life that the American Heart Association recommends two drinks per day for males and one for women.

Choose a heart-healthy diet.

Diet can also greatly affect heart health. Tang advises following the Mediterranean diet, which lowers cardiovascular risk.

Prioritize sleep.

Good sleep is another heart-healthy daily practice. Maintain a regular bedtime, make your bedroom cold, dark, quiet, and favorable to sleep, switch off gadgets at least an hour before bedtime, and minimize caffeine during the day.

Keep your teeth healthy.

"Good oral hygiene is essential for heart health. He links gum disease to heart diseases including atherosclerosis and heart valve dysfunction.

Regularly exercise.

Tang recommends 30 minutes of cardiovascular activity most days to maintain your heart youthful and healthy. Jogging, cycling, and swimming are examples of aerobic activities that increase your heart rate up.

Embrace technology.

"Smartwatches can help monitor your heart rate and rhythm, sleep patterns, and daily activity levels," adds. "Their tools may help you set fitness goals, schedule prescriptions, and meditate or breathe. This info can help you live a heart-healthy lifestyle."

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