7 Fat-Blasting Strategies From Emilia Clarke for a Fit Physique

More Protein, Less Sugar

Clarke ate more protein and cut sugar for Terminator Genisys (2015). "It was really fun to do different kinds of training than what I would do myself and feel strong," Clarke. "After finishing, you say, 'Please, can I have cake? Like a chocolate cake and beer?" Her talents surprised Clarke's co-star Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Martial Arts Training

Clarke had to undertake rigorous martial arts and firearms training. And "I've been spending all day, every day in weapons training," she stated. "I've been shooting guns, weightlifting, and kickboxing."

Lean and Clean Diet

Clarke exercises with James Duigan, who created her "Lean and Clean" diet without processed foods. "Becoming Clean and Lean is achievable for everyone and is more like an education on how to be healthy on our own rather than always following a strict regime

Yoga Every Morning

Day begins with yoga and meditation for Clarke. "The morning time is for me to try and calm my brain down," she adds. "Every morning I perform 15 minutes of yoga. I meditate before beauty care. I cleanse, tone, and moisturize. I use Rodial Pink Diamond sheet masks as needed. 

Sleep Health

Clarke understands how vital sleep is for fitness and strength. "[Recently] I've been meditating before going to sleep," she adds. "I love the Calm app and utilize Sleep Stories when I'm desperate. They work—a railway narrative puts me to sleep!"

Walking and Weights

Clarke strengthens and feels good with low-impact activities. "During lockdown I saw my trainer online, and we do a mix of stuff," explains. I've done everything except HIIT and running. 

 Foam Roller

Clarke ends the day with a foam roller. "I use a foam roller in the morning and sometimes before I go to bed," she adds. "My work involves standing, fighting, photoshooting, and meetings. I feel tense at home. I might Epsom salt bathe.

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