Amber Heard Praises ‘Magical’ Experience Filming Her First Post-Trial Follow Up In The Fire

After the Depp Vs. Heard defamation judgement, Amber Heard appears to be starting again. Contrary to insider reports, Heard, 37, is back in Hollywood and eager to perform again. Heard called making her post-trial film In the Fire “magical”.

Amber Heard's move to Spain has opened doors to European film work. After her broadcast trial against Johnny Depp, she shot her first post-trial film In the Fire in Italy and attended the Taormina Film Festival world premiere in June. In a press statement, Heard called filming “magical” with its theatrical debut a week away.

In the Fire's behind-the-scenes clip shows Amber Heard as an 1890s New York doctor dispatched to a rural community to investigate a demon-possessed child. 

Heard noted her role as a “pioneer” for entering a male-dominated sector and how she must enter a foreign culture to address superstitious issues in this community in her movie interview.

The Rum Diary actress appreciated reading a screenplay and playing a sophisticated, powerful female role for the first time. This new role should let her show off her acting skills.

After frustrations with her limited part in Aquaman 2, leading her eerie thriller must have been a relief. A fan petition with two million signatures argues Amber Heard lied about her charges against Johnny Depp and should be removed from the Aquaman sequel.

James Wan explained Heard's reduced part by saying he always planned for Aquaman 2 to center on Arthur and Orm's bromance. The red-headed Atlantean was not dismissed, despite charges. It was a creative choice unrelated to her trial.

Amber Heard's smile on the In the Fire global premiere red carpet reveals she's happy with her profession and life. This shows that going to Spain after the trial was “healthy” for her, away from the public glare and commotion.

Heard revealed that she hopes to continue her career with cinematic projects after leaving Hollywood. In the Fire is coming shortly, but I'm interested what else the Pineapple Express actress has in store.

Amber Heard may not have had many “magical” encounters during the defamation trial last year, but In the Fire may have saved her career. The 2023 movie opens in cinemas on October 13.

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