Colin Kaepernick Makes His Return To The NFL In The Coolest Way Possible

Here it is: the latest football game to hit PCs and consoles. Colin Kaepernick is returning to the NFL, but not in the way you may expect.

The controversial quarterback can be found playing in the seven-on-seven video game Wild Card Football, which was officially published this week, with other well-known players like Joe Burrow and Patrick Mahomes.

Kaepernick gave an explanation of his motivation for joining Wild Card Football.

"I adore playing football, and I love contributing to any endeavor to increase public interest in the game," Kaepernick remarked. "Wild Card Football gives the well-known sport a new perspective. 

Wild Card is fantastic in every way, from the aesthetic to the way the strategy and arcade vibes are combined. It's important to elevate the game and make it enjoyable for all players, not just those who are accustomed to playing football.

Kaepernick is urging Xbox One or Xbox Series X|S owners to test out Wild Card Football.

The release of Wild Card Football will mark the first time since Madden 22 that Colin Kaepernick has been included in a video game, according to Adam Wells of Bleacher Report.

Recently, after Aaron Rodgers injured his Achilles in Week 1, Kaepernick wrote a letter to the New York Jets requesting that they sign him to the practice squad. It seems improbable that the Jets will accept his offer and stick with Zach Wilson for the duration of the season.

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