Drank Lemon Water Every Morning for 30 Days

I drank 8–12 cups of lemon water every day starting at 9:00 am for 30 days, following the recommended fluid intake for women.

I measured everything and drank lemon water from mason jars, marking each glass with each sip or pour to ensure uniformity. For every cup of water, I squeezed at least one ounce of lemon juice and dropped 1/4 of the lemon—pulp, rind, and all—into my glass.

With age, maintaining a thick, healthy mane of hair, naturally robust nails, and smooth, bright, clean skin becomes harder for many individuals. Vitamin C supports collagen development, which improves skin, nails, and hair quality, but I didn't anticipate a little lemon juice to make such a large difference in 30 days!

Better hair, nails, and skin

I monitor my hair growth in relation to breaking and split ends. My typical washing and styling regimen didn't alter, yet my roots grew about a half inch by month's end.

Winter makes my nails more brittle and breakable. They seemed more durable at this period, and since I like short nails, I had to file or trim them every three or four days.

Though I've always eaten well, portion management has always been my weight reduction issue. I overeat because my eyes can become bigger than my stomach and I detest wasting food. More lemon water made me feel less oppressed by a strong desire.

Easy portion management and improved blood pressure

Portion management was easy, and I didn't have any FoMO (or "fear of missing out") on any tasty meal combinations. This reduced bloating and helped me feel less full after eating too much. I ran to the restroom more regularly to urinate.

I'll wake up in the middle of the night with horrible calf charlie horse cramps that can knock me out of bed every few weeks. I did not experience this throughout this trial. Please pardon my TMI, but I always have terrible PMS.

Less cramping, faster recovery

Although evident, adding lemon did encourage more constant hydration consumption during this encounter. Many doctors recommend water for proper hydration. Since our bodies are 60% water, the best beverage to relieve your thirst would also replenish the fluids your body needs to operate.

Encouragement to remain hydrated

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