El Niño winter is coming in USA

El Nio is a climatic trend that manifests itself when the Pacific Ocean is found to be much warmer than average.

It has an impact on the weather patterns not just in the United States but all throughout the world.

The climate in the southern United States tends to be wetter and colder than normal during years that are characterized by El Nio.

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This may result in an increase in the number of winter storms that hit southern areas like Texas and Florida.

El Nio years, on the other hand, tend to bring weather that is both warmer and drier to the northern section of the United States.

This means that the winter storms in the northern states, such as New York and Michigan, may be less severe than usual.

El Nio has the potential to influence both the severity and the number of hurricanes that form in the Atlantic Ocean.

Overall, El Niño has a significant impact on the climate and weather patterns in the USA, particularly during the winter months.

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