Golden Retriever Puppy Giving Zebu Calf Kisses Is Too Cute To Handle

It is well known that golden retrievers are kind and loving animals. They are excellent at building relationships with other animals, especially those of other species, and are frequently employed as therapy dogs.

An cute video of Golden Retriever Riley and their young Zebu calf was uploaded by TikToker Frank de Bem on October 6.

Riley is the prettiest dog ever, and all he wants is to make other puppies happy. Riley is naturally interested in getting to know the newborn Zebu cow, given that the Zebu calf was saved and placed in Riley's surroundings.

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Riley approaches the calf cautiously, as you can see, and starts to smell and nuzzle it. A Golden Retriever's sweet and curious disposition makes them perfect for making the first move.

Conversely, the calf looks inquisitive about Riley and doesn't seem to mind at all. Zebu calves are more open to the dog's approaches since they are often calm and non-aggressive.

Riley is quite devoted to the baby Zebu, as you can see from the previous films, and she visits it frequently to see how it is doing. He just wants to make sure that his brother is doing good, whether that means bringing toys or just saying "hi."

These deeds foster healthy relationships and the development of trust. These two really share a unique relationship.

It's crucial to remember that these interactions need to be overseen, particularly when working with several species.

In any case, these tales serve as a reminder of the love and beauty that may be found in the animal species.

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