Golden Retriever Reacts Like a Kid to Not Getting the Car Window Seat

On a road journey, who wants to be in the middle? Really, nobody at all. One of the hardest struggles before the journey even starts is avoiding the middle seat on a road trip. 

It seems that the same holds true for the Tuesday, October 10th, road trip of this family, during which the golden retriever pulled the short straw:

Probably the first image that comes to mind when we think of puppies in cars is their head dangling out the window, their ears fluttering in the breeze. It's the classic dog experience, isn't it?

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Regretfully, it's not the most secure. You run the danger of getting hurt if you let your dog gaze out the window. You can regret giving the infant the window seat if something hits them, dust gets in their eyes, or for other reasons.

Really, a car harness should be used to hold a dog while it is in the vehicle to prevent it from becoming a projectile in the case of an accident. 

The hilarious thing about this movie is how Hudson's left window seat looks to be stuffed with objects rather than a person—this was intimate. They may have done it on purpose to deny him the window seat for one of the following reasons:

It wouldn't be good if he stuck his head out the window. He would drool all over the closed window (yuck)

I understand that Hudson enjoys barking at everything, but they don't want to hear it any more till they reach their goal.

Hudson may not understand it, but by keeping him away from the window, his people are taking the best possible care of him. Though his extreme tail-first stance isn't ideal, he's safest where he is for now. Even so, the poor fellow!

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