Here Are 4 Tips on How to Lose 15 Pounds Safely

1. Eat Minimally Processed Foods

Your body can handle natural meals more easily than highly processed ones. Some also contain extraneous calories compared to their natural equivalents.

Cody Stanford advises, "Evaluate your food and see if it looks like what you see in nature." "If not, it's probably processed, which can cause issues with controlling weight."

2. Listen to Your Hunger Cues

Because it's intuitive. Eat when hungry, not when not. But sometimes we overthink hunger signs. We may delay eating when we're hungry to cut calories. We may overestimate our hunger and consume too much, leaving us filled and uncomfortable.

Cody Stanford thinks the best thing we can do for ourselves is recognize and follow our hunger cues. Eat when hungry. Don't eat when not hungry. Don't overthink your hunger cues—they're your body's straight message.

3. Chug

As in water. The drink of life and weight reduction, supposedly. Hydrating your body helps with weight loss and other health issues.

Drinking water with and after meals will keep you satiated longer, reducing your desire for snacks. It can also enhance your metabolism, burning more calories every day, Kenney explains.

4. Add Activity

"Taking the stairs instead of the lift, parking farther from the entrance, or walking during lunch can all add up to more daily movement," Kenney adds. Daily calorie burn increases with exercise. As shown above, modest adjustments may have a significant impact.

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