How will El Niño affect Nevada’s winter? New NOAA outlook released

 Strong El Niño is increasingly expected, according to national analysts on Thursday. The climatic Prediction Center of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration predicts the climatic phenomena will last all winter.

As El Niño is expected to linger through spring, we can examine its impact on weather around the country.

According to the University of Nevada, Reno, El Niño has the greatest influence on the southern part of Nevada. El Niño years bring more storms and precipitation to Southern Nevada.

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70% chance ‘strong’ How long will El Niño persist? El Niño causes weather patterns to divide the country, with wetter circumstances in the south and drier ones in the north. But where that line will fall is impossible to predict.

Early NOAA estimates for this winter point south, with just the southern corner of Nevada leaning toward extra-wet weather. Predictions may alter as winter approaches.

However, the Southeast is most expected to see above-average precipitation in the next three months. The forecast comes during an active Atlantic hurricane season with 14 named storms.

Will El Niño worsen flight turbulence? Much of the country, including half of Nevada, has a mild winter forecast. Above-average winter temperatures are expected in dozens of regions, especially the north.

NOAA's long-term prediction predicts above-average winter temperatures in the Pacific Northwest and Northeast. As winter approaches, the effects of El Niño may become more apparent. La Niña and El Niño often peak in winter.

NOAA forecasts predict a 75% to 85% possibility of a “strong” El Niño this year, with a 30% chance of it becoming one of the strongest ever recorded.

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