Is this the first El Niño storm, sign of winter storm track?

A Gulf of Mexico storm system may reveal the winter storm route. We anticipate a robust El Niño this winter.

A huge stretch of the equatorial Pacific water grows warmer than normal during an El Niño. This vast warm water region alters global weather patterns.

The United States often has a dominating weather pattern during El Niño winters. Under the jetstream, the storm track follows the Gulf Coast and then turns northeast towards the Mid-Atlantic.

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View the graphic showing traditional winter trends during an El Niño. See the southern U.S. red arrow. El Niño generally brings this storm track to the forefront throughout winter.

Now consider the Gulf of Mexico situation. Examine the satellite animation's bottom cloud stream. El Niño causes moisture and storms to move northward from the warm ocean region.

People ask me if weather has started. No switch on the wall signals the onset of El Niño storms. However, this Gulf hurricane is unusual for October. 

We're still in hurricane season, which usually moves east-west. A hurricane from Africa would have crossed the tropical Atlantic and curled north into the northern Gulf of Mexico to reach its current location.

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