Jets' owner shares controversial photo with Taylor Swift after loss to Chiefs

New York Jets owner Woody Johnson's selfie with Taylor Swift after their loss to the Kansas City Chiefs outraged supporters.

Week 4 of the 2023 NFL season saw the New York Jets lose to the Kansas City Chiefs. Despite the loss, club owner Woody Johnson posted a contentious selfie with Taylor Swift, a new AFC West fan.

Taylor Swift connected with Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce to enter football. It appears this relationship has made her a Kansas City fan.

Taylor Swift supported Travis Kelce at MetLife Stadium in Week 4 of 2023. The Chiefs won despite many contentious referee calls, leaving Jets fans dissatisfied with the NFL.

ets owner criticized for uploading Taylor Swift photo. The Jets nearly beat the Chiefs in Week 4. However, multiple referee calls prevented them from winning, angering their followers.

New York also had to overcome Taylor Swift's attention. With the 12-time Grammy winner at MetLife Stadium, everyone supported the Chiefs, something Jets supporters didn't enjoy.

After the game, the NFL posted on Instagram that the Chiefs were 2-0 as Swifties, drawing criticism. The league soon removed these statements, but the Jets owner now says he likes the artist.

On X (formerly Twitter), AFC East franchise owner Woody Johnson tweeted a photo with Taylor Swift, stating, ‘Yup you guessed it… we’re Swifties too.’ Jets fans were upset because the singer now supports the Chiefs.

Several users encouraged him to read the room because they believe the referees helped the Chiefs beat the Jets. Six hours after posting, he hasn't erased the photo.

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