Jets reportedly made blunder with Aaron Rodgers' contract

Although they cannot be held accountable for Aaron Rodgers' injury, which is likely to ruin his season, the New York Jets could be regretting a mistake they made in the preseason before all of that.

Prior to the season, the Jets declined many chances to add disability insurance to Rodgers' contract, according to Daniel Libit and Eben Novy-Williams of Sportico.

The move may have cost the team up to $20 million that they might have recovered had they bought an insurance, but it is in line with current team policy.

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Teams are not required by the NFL to get insurance plans that pay a percentage of player contracts in the case of a serious injury to a player.

Before the season, the Jets signed Rodgers to a $75 million contract deal that was fully guaranteed. However, due to the injury, the Jets will not be able to recover any of that money.

The Jets will at least have an opportunity to obtain value for their money since Rodgers will return sometime, most likely next season.

Furthermore, it's not like they can't afford the $20 million they might have saved otherwise, but declining insurance on a 39-year-old quarterback's contract is not exactly a great image.

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