Kate Middleton Reveals the Healthy & Delicious Meals

Manaker adds salmon is a good source of DHA omega-3 fatty acids, which promote brain, eye, and heart function. Protein and minerals are also present. Kate and William can check most of the boxes with this fish, full grain, and veggie.

Curry pairs well with vegetables like cauliflower, bell pepper, green beans, and chicken, fish, or chickpeas. Manaker calls curry a "fantastic choice" for a nutritious home-cooked supper, especially if it's "packed with veggies, which can help add a boost of fiber to your diet."

However, "some curry dishes are healthier than others," and its nutritional worth depends on how it's prepared, warns Manaker.

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Butter and ghee-laden dishes like butter chicken and chicken tikka masala are unhealthy. This is terrible for William, who called himself a "masala man" in a Birmingham Indian restaurant last year, reports The Mirror.

There's some good news: Manaker says chicken tikka masala "can be made with nutritious ingredients like yogurt and lean meat" for a healthier version, and as long as a veggie is included for fiber, it may be well-rounded. To boost energy, she suggests adding rice—what's curry without rice?

Curry and salmon teriyaki are dietitian-approved when served with vegetables and balanced grains. Whatever Kate made that night, William and the kids ate well.

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