These 4 Zodiac Signs Make Great Emergency Contacts


Geminis, air signs controlled by Mercury, will answer your call. Muchnik calls it one of their love languages.

In the best of circumstances, they'll react to your TikToks and memes, but in a pinch, they'll answer the first ring. If you need someone to rush to you after a crash, a Gemini will navigate traffic better than anybody else. Since this hyperactive sign is awake 24/7, they will always notice your messages.


Cancer, a moon-ruled water sign, is inherently maternal and nurturing. Muchnik says they may notice a problem before you call.

Cancer wants to make sure everyone they love is well cared for and worries about their deaths when they're gone, says professional astrologer Stina Garbis. A blessing and a curse.


Mercury-ruled Virgo always responds quickly. This earth sign constantly uses their equipment from morning to night.

they're structured and can help because of it. “They’re another maternal zodiac sign,” she tells Bustle. “They push you to wear clean socks and underwear in case of an accident and label your phone's ICE contact with all their info.”


Venus, the planet of love, rules Libras, who are people-pleasers, explains Muchnik. They will quickly accept your emergency contact request and likely weep.

Libras check their messages and DMs even when they're busy because they want to be friends with everyone. If an alert appears, they will grab their phone whether they're traveling, on a Zoom call, or sleeping.

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