Most Popular Breakfast Foods in the U.S.

Acai Bowl

Google reports that many Hawaiians start their day with a nutritious acai bowl. Acai berry puree, fresh or frozen fruit, granola, and seeds make up this meal, which has various varieties.

Bowls may be customized for flavor and nutrition. Whole milk or protein powder are popular protein sources. We appreciate that this dinner is tasty, nutritious, and quick to cook.

Avocado Toast

Say what you want about avocado toast, but this is one delicious breakfast food.

No matter that California has made it associated with coastal elites and bougie bohemians. It tastes great and is one of the healthiest breakfast dishes.


Bacon actually tied as the most searched breakfast food in Idaho with another dish, which happens to be No.1 on this list.

verall, bacon is a staple and excellent American morning meal. In actuality, it tastes fantastic whenever. We wouldn't recommend eating it daily, but it enhances a Sunday pancake meal.

Scrambled Eggs

While scrambled eggs are OK, they're hardly the most thrilling food. We don't understand why people Google the word.

Looking for scrambled egg recipes? A restaurant that made them well? We don't understand why so many West Virginians have to go online for this easy cuisine.

Soft-boiled eggs

We're surprised Vermont, famed for its maple syrup, is searching for soft-boiled eggs. People may prefer non-greasy protein to go with their fluffy pancakes and sticky maple syrup.

Anyway, soft-boiled eggs are OK. They need a lot of salt to taste well, therefore we prefer scrambled eggs, although they're healthful.

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