NFL wife sends clear message to Donald Trump, Joe Biden

Supermodel Rachel Bush is married to Buffalo Bills linebacker Jordan Poyer, and she isn't afraid to voice her political opinions on social media.

She did so once more this week when she used X, the social media site that was once known as Twitter, to give Joe Biden and Donald Trump a direct message regarding the recent outbreak of a new and terrible chapter in the Israel-Palestine conflict.

According to Bush, the US "had no wars" when Donald Trump was president, in contrast to Joe Biden's administration.

Bush wrote, "We had no wars while Trump was president." "As a country, we respected Trump's tenure. Naturally, these lingering problems are ideally timed to coincide with the approaching election. However, I sincerely hope that you all recall what a well-run country looks like.

Bush is misguided in her assumptions. Trump carried on the long-standing American military involvement in Iraq and Afghanistan, but he did not declare any new conflicts.

Bush chastised the Biden administration last month after learning that the Pentagon and White House had misappropriated about $10 billion in public funds.

They also want us to continue filing taxes. supporting this absurdity. How are we doing this?" she enquired.

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