NFL world reacts to shocking Aaron Rodgers news

On Thursday afternoon, Aaron Rodgers made headlines, but not for anything particularly noteworthy. The New York Post's Andrew Marchand revealed that the NFL great quarterback frequently appears for pay on ESPN's well-liked "Pat McAfee Show."

"McAfee invests millions to secure these interviews," Marchand remarked of Pat's weekly appearances with Rodgers and Nick Saban, the coach of Alabama football. 

According to Marchand, Rodgers receives more than seven figures annually to appear on the show every week. Additionally, the Post reporter stated that McAfee specifically verified in a DM that the commercials are paid.

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Weekly radio commercials are typically compensated for in the six-figure area, as you will typically observe.

However, this clearly outclasses that. Furthermore, the situation's optics aren't terrific. ESPN faced harsh criticism for employing McAfee during a period of cutbacks that resulted in the departure of several veterans from the organization.

Over the past several weeks, McAfee has also been under fire from critics for his actions and remarks made on "College GameDay." For instance, the well-known individual has started an online verbal sparring match with Washington State.

It goes without saying that this new information will not make Pat popular, especially in light of the material that Rodgers frequently appears in. He's been spreading his anti-vaccine views lately, even challenging Travis Kelce to a discussion over vaccines.

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