Olivia Dunne makes a special promise to her fans on TikTok

Dunne is eager to go out on a high note as she begins her last year as a student athlete at Louisiana State University. She recently celebrated turning 21 in style.

Olivia Dunne's senior season will be her best

"oldest student...the greatest one," Dunne included a saluting emoji in the description of her most recent TikTok video.

With a new beam routine, she showcased her incredible flexibility while the background music, "I've been balling so damn hard, could've went to LSU," played.

The 'best season' designation is a lofty goal to meet given her prior achievements in Baton Rouge.

As a freshman in 2021, Dunne was named an individual all-American. In 2023, he assisted the LSU Tigers to a fourth-place national result. But you also need to take into account her achievements outside of the gym.

Dunne's NIL earnings and net worth make senior year a win no matter what

The Name, Image, and Likeness (NIL) regulations that went into effect in 2021 make it the best moment ever to be a collegiate athlete. With an estimated revenue of $2.3 million, Livvy was ranked in the top 50 on Forbes' Top Creators 2023 list.

The majority of Livvy's income comes from her social media following, which numbers over 12 million. Dunne's net worth is estimated to be $3.5 million on On3's NIL 100.

Dunne has a lot going for her, including the money, her relationship with No. 1 MLB draft selection Paul Skenes, and her inclusion in the Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition. The phrase "last one, best one" seems like a pledge she can honor.

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