Paige Spiranac calls herself 'bad luck' for America at Ryder Cup: 'No win in 30 years'

Paige Spiranac jokes that she caused American Ryder Cup losses in Europe. Golf diva Paige Spiranac moved from the LPGA Tour to social media. She recently made a humorous but fascinating allegation about her part in the American Ryder Cup woes in Europe.

She predicts the Ryder Cup annually despite her minimal professional golfing. In a recent podcast, Paige Spiranac sarcastically blamed herself for America's 30-year Ryder Cup loss in Europe.

She said, "They haven't won in 30 years in Europe, which is absurd. I guess I'm unlucky. The year 1993. Every year since I was born, they've lost."

Paige joked that her birth year, 1993, may have started this Ryder Cup "curse" in Europe. The amusing comment adds intrigue to the American team's European troubles.

Although it's probably a coincidence, it's part of golfing lore. Paige Spiranac also discussed a Ryder Cup argument on the show. She mentioned Patrick Cantlay's caddy Joe's involvement in the Saturday fourballs, which may have crossed the line.

Paige said that Joe was supporting Cantlay under great scrutiny. Golf caddies are often overlooked, she added.

Paige Spiranac's "curse" remark is joking, but her view of Ryder Cup relationships shows its complexity and subtleties. Golfers find it more intriguing.

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