Paige Spiranac credited for saving the Milwaukee Brewers' season

After winning the NL Central, the Brewers have advanced to the MLB postseason. One radio presenter has an odd notion about how the club salvaged their season.

The first pitch was thrown out by well-known golf influencer Paige Spiranac on June 16, with the team trailing just 34-34. Additionally, the Instagram star's bobblehead was distributed.

Wisco Sports Show' host Grant Bilse believes he understands why the Brewers went 58-36 after that. "Paige Spiranac is greatly owed by Brewers fans," he said in jest to the New York Post.

Her bobblehead night became a bright spot on the horizon for supporters to look forward to throughout the darkest months of the season, which were April and May.

However, he went on, "Brewers fans had truly grown excited to welcome Paige to Milwaukee by the time the day arrived." The 2023 Golf Night nearly turned into a second opening day. A fresh start for a season that had turned out better.

A week after Spiranac made an appearance at American Family Field, Bilse had already produced a phony audio documentary, during which the club had won five of seven games.

Bobblehead night was described by him as "the promotion that saved a season." On Ebay, a number of Spiranac bobbleheads are for sale; one is listed for as much as $77.

The Brewers have advanced to the postseason for the sixth time in the last six seasons, whether or not it was Spiranac's fault.

Milwaukee will begin play against the Diamondbacks tonight in the wild card round.

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