Paige Spiranac Demonstrates And Explains How To Hit The Scariest Short Game Shots In Golf

In honor of “spooky season,” golf influencer Paige Spiranac shows how to hit the “scariest” short game shots as only she can.

Paige, who debuted her 2024 calendar and has been posting images of herself in a different Halloween costume every day in October on her private site, has been busy this month.

Her YouTube viewers get unique free access to three pieces of her site material. Spiranac is back on YouTube with a new instructional video after two weeks for a reason.

Paige says, “I know so many people have a fear, a literal fear over some of these short game shots so I’m going to make it as simple and easy as possible

Spiranac says, “The first scary shot is a chip shot, pitch shot off of a tight lie.” “Amateurs tighten up and get nervous when they see a tight lie.” She then explains her approach and a practice golfers may perform to overcome fear. Spiranac says a pitch shot off a tight lie has fewer potential problems than a chip shot from the rough.

“A shot out of the rough on a downhill lie with the green running away is the next scary shot. Because you can't putt this one, many people struggle with it, Paige said.

Spiranac showed “a really simple shot once you get the hang of it.” “I see so many people trying to do so much and it really is, get in the right setup, and then pop it,” she says. “The right setup is key.”

Paige said, “The next scary shot is when you're in the rough with a short side pin and can't let it run up there because of something in the way.” She describes this stroke as a variation of her flop shot, bunker shot, and the one she just described.

Finally, “The last scary shot I want to talk about is when you have a dramatic uphill shot,” she explains. Spiranac demonstrates how to correctly hit the shot and how knowing what you're doing boosts confidence, making short game golf strokes less intimidating.

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