Paige Spiranac Shows How To Fade On New TikTok After ‘Saving’ Brewers Season

The popular golf influencer Paige Spiranac, who saved a Major League Baseball team's season, recently posted a TikTok video on how to hit a fade shot.

It is. Wisconsin radio presenter Grant Bilse claims Paige Spiranac "saved" the Milwaukee Brewers' season.

Bilse told the New York Post, “Brewers fans owe Paige Spiranac a great debt.” When the season was darkest in April and May, her bobblehead night gave supporters hope.

By the time the day arrived, Brewers fans were delighted to meet Paige. Golf Night 2023 nearly became a second opening day. A fresh start for a season that had improved.”

Several of his points are correct. Paige Spiranac threw out the first pitch on her bobblehead night on June 16, when the Brewers were 34-34, one game behind in the National League Central.

No matter what role Paige Spiranac had in the Brewers' revival, she knows golf, as proven in her many instructional videos.

Paige demonstrates a fading on her latest TikTok video. Spiranac advises opening your club face, posture, and shoulders.

I want you to feel like you're coming slightly over the top instead of down on your swing route. Instead of a draw, your hands will travel to your left pocket and your club face will stay out to right before impact. Hands left, club head right, follow through.”

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