People Who Eat This After A Workout Burn More Calories

Exercise is essential to a healthy lifestyle since it helps with weight management as well as fitness enhancement. Any type of physical activity, including cardio and strength training, helps burn calories and aids in weight reduction or maintenance.

But after you get off the treadmill or complete your last rep, the benefits of your workout continue. To get the most out of your workout and optimize your results, what you eat is crucial.

We chatted with Spices & Greens creator and certified weight reduction coach Joanna Wen about what to eat after a vigorous workout to maximize your calorie burn. In this case, Wen suggested that a high-protein smoothie would be the best option.

High-Protein Smoothie After Workout

After working out, sipping a protein- and nutrient-rich smoothie can revolutionize how many calories you burn. Your body's metabolism speeds up during exercise, which improves how well it uses nutrients.

This increases your metabolism, which allows your body to continue burning calories even after your activity is over. It also helps with muscle growth and repair.

According to Wen, "refueling your body with the right food can boost your calorie burn, help your muscles recover, and give you the energy to keep going."

Smoothies, according to her, are among the greatest foods to eat after working out since they "are quick and simple to make while supplying essential nutrients that help your body recover from strenuous activity."

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