Pet Expert Reveals the 'Proper' Four-Step Process To Pick Up Small Dogs

The proper technique to pick up tiny dogs and cats has been disclosed by a pet expert, and it might not be what you're expecting.

Small dog and cat owners frequently pick up their animals for a variety of reasons, such as comfort and socializing or safety and protection from potential risks on the ground.

However, a pet specialist has shown how many owners are inadvertently putting their furry pals in danger by picking up their pet incorrectly.

An accomplished animal communicator and former lawyer named Nikki Vasconez provided detailed advice on how to securely carry little dogs in a TikTok video with the text overlay "proper way to pick up small dogs." Cats can also benefit from this procedure.

1. Hand under chest: Begin by placing one hand under the dog's chest for support.

2. Butt: Use your other hand to support the dog's rear end.

3. Scoop: Gently scoop the dog up while maintaining a secure grip.

4. Lift: Finally, lift the dog with both hands to ensure stability and comfort.

This approach puts the health of the dog first by supporting them, lowering the possibility of hurting their shoulders, back, or spine, and avoiding the uncomfortable feeling of pinching their tummy.

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