Scarlett Johansson Says This ‘Amazing’ Workout Keeps Her Fit at Almost 40.

Thanks to her size two body, Johansson has been able to play some important parts in the MCU, such as Black Widow. 

In an interview with Stylist on her exercise regimen for the perfect figure, she disclosed this to him. The 38-year-old stated in the interview that exercising is just as important for her "mental wellbeing" as it is for her physical health.

The "Ghost in the Shell" actress enjoys Pilates in particular and works out "four days a week". She said, "I've been doing Pilates for the last eight years or so, and I've found it to be amazing." 

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Previously concentrating on "just lifting weights," Johansson switched to Pilates. It was healthier for her body and "recovery" at her age, she recognized.

According to Daily Mail, Johansson said, "I suppose it's simply getting older and my body changing, but Pilates actually made me feel better overall.

 I take courses from a few different teachers, and lately I've started doing some weightlifting again. I believe Pilates has improved my skill at it."

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