Shop the Life-Size Golden Retriever Ghosts TikTokers Are Painting For Halloween

These ghosts are really nice guys. This year, the Home Depot Halloween department went over and above with its customary towering decor, releasing life-size statues of golden retrievers. 

The dogs are costumed for the holidays like ghosts, "wearing" white sheets with holes cut out for their large brown eyes and floppy ears. 

The dogs further emphasize the eerie concept by holding purple trick-or-treat doggy bags in their teeth that are embellished with yellow LED lights as a festive touch. For the sake of total authenticity, the pups are around 2.5 feet tall, have adorable faces, and cost $40.

The Home Depot goldens are selling out quickly, which is not surprising. However, a particularly healthy trend on TikTokers is personalizing their doggy décor to seem more like their real canines.

One user made hers into a blue heeler by painting any exposed plastic fur and sculpting new ears out of air-dry clay. Another artist painstakingly painted around the white sheet with brown spray paint to ensure her chocolate lab felt included on Halloween. 

Others expertly adorned the newest pack member with eye patches, dalmatian spots, speckled muzzles, and other unique features.

One reviewer included a picture of their real-life golden retrievers next to the plastic puppy and said, "My family loves this Halloween decoration." "We refer to this dog as our third since we already have two golden retrievers. 

Although it costs forty dollars, the plastic item brings us great joy. With a timer for light activation and shutdown, every Home Depot dog is suitable for both indoor and outdoor usage. Continue reading to browse the eerie goldens and see how the internet is appropriating them.

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