Simone Biles Shares Joyful Moments from 2023 World Championships

On Friday, she earned her 34th championship medal, making her the most decorated gymnast ever. Simone Biles contemplates her monumental 2023 World Gymnastics Championships performance.

After earning her sixth all-around world championship gold on Friday, the gymnast uploaded photographs of her and her team's response in Belgium on Instagram Saturday.

In the first photo, Biles stood with her mouth open and hand raised to her face as she was surrounded by the rest of the gymnastics team.

In a second shot, Biles hugged her teammates, then hugged Joscelyn Roberson, Zoe Miller, and Canqueteau-Landi as they celebrated their triumph.

Biles gained more over two points over Brazil in her last floor performance at the 2023 World Gymnastics Championships, scoring 167.729.

Biles then set a gymnastics record on Friday by winning her sixth all-around world championship medal with 58.399 points. (Biles tied 1990s Belarus gymnast Vitaly Scherbo with 33 medals.)

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