This 15-Minute Metabolic Workout Burns Fat and Builds Muscle

Benefits of Metabolic Workouts They're Time-Saving

He believes metabolic workouts focus on rapid, muscle-strengthening activities with minimum rest, unlike lifting sessions, which involve one exercise for a particular number of reps and sets with a rest time. It makes working out faster.

They Improve Your Cardiorespiratory Fitness

High-intensity metabolic exercises improve cardiorespiratory fitness more than steady-state cardio like walking or jogging, which target long-term energy pathways.

They Help You Burn Fat and Build Lean Muscle

Because they combine cardio and strength, metabolic exercises decrease body fat and develop lean muscle.

Single-Arm Dumbbell Thruster

Instead of an overhead press, do a single-arm front squat.

Forward Lunge With Wood ChopBeets

Skip the wood chop and execute a forward lunge or body-weight reverse lunge.

Hip Hinge Swing

Doing a kettlebell can make swings easier, but Emanuele advises doing a glute bridge or sumo squat if you're having trouble.

Glute Bridge Hold With Pullover

Remove the glute bridge and execute the dumbbell pullover if you can't hold it.

Push-Up to High Plank Jack

Try knee push-ups if standard push-ups are too hard.

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