Taylor Swift Fumbled Due to Last-Minute 'Eras' Showtimes

Swift and her team are known for being clever, sophisticated, fan-sensitive, respectful to her medium, and ignoring brand negative. That's why the 11th-hour October 11 announcement of "Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour" previews is so odd.

The announcement that shows start at 6PM on October 12 excited fans to see their heroine sooner.

Another press boost for the promotion. For theaters who got this news with less than 24 hours' notice—the same time as the public—it was less than exhilarating.

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Variance Films, AMC Theatres' booking agent, notified most theaters of the additional screenings by email after Swift posted the teaser on social media.

Theaters love hosting "Eras" amid a desolate October. IndieWire spoke to distribution and exhibition sources who were angry, annoyed, and disgusted by the wacky timing. 

It meant neither AMC nor Swift was sensitive to 3,850 theaters' last-minute staffing and security needs to meet possible demand. Would Swift request a last-minute concert addition?

Ironically, while extra "Eras" screenings need more staff, the last-minute announcement implies Thursday evening and Friday afternoon screenings may not be full or even open.

Six "Eras" presentations begin Thursday at 6PM at AMC Burbank 16, a top theater for the nation. A spot check at 3PM showed one screening half full, another one-third full, and others four to 12 seats. The method seems odd given "Eras" is designed to seem like a concert, especially opening night.

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