Tennis Influencer Rachel Stuhlmann Pushes Back On Pickleball Narrative

It's evident that Rachel Stuhlmann, a former collegiate player and tennis influencer in general, does not believe pickleball is "wreaking havoc" on the game of tennis.

Stuhlmann told Outkick, "[Pickleball] is not 'wreaking havoc' on tennis." Pickleball, in my opinion, is a fantastic and healthful social sport for individuals. 

Going to courts and noticing that they are being converted into pickleball courts or are being utilized as such might occasionally be inconvenient.

She made these remarks following the announcement of her collaboration with Toss and Spin to expand the accessibility of racquet sports. Some people made disparaging remarks about her pickleball racquet-wielding during the promotional video.

Stuhlmann said, "It appears that more people watch tennis than play it, and more people play pickleball than play it at the moment. 

While tennis might be frightening to some, pickleball is simple to learn for anybody. My goal has always been to increase the sport's accessibility, relatability, and popular appeal.

What other sport can you take up for the first time in your 20s, 30s, or 40s and become one of the top 10 players in the world? Professional pickleball is an intriguing sport. Nothing else to do.

Being angry about pickleball players taking over tennis courts is one thing, but being angry about the emergence of a brand-new, publicly accessible sport is quite another.

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