The #1 Best Smoothie Combination for Faster Weight Loss

This tropical fruit goes really well with coconut milk and makes a really creamy smoothie! Purchase it frozen for an easy, no-prep way to add it to your smoothie.


In my smoothie, I use a cup of frozen fruit, and a mango has over three grams of fiber per cup. Select tropical fruits like pineapple or acai, or other stone fruits like peaches, if you'd like additional variety.

This blended breakfast has a wonderful, creamy base thanks to the yogurt. Protein content in one cup of plain, non-fat Greek yogurt is an astounding 13 grams!

Greek yogurt

If you don't like plain yogurt, you might want to try a low-sugar or mildly sweetened variety. Kefir and regular non-Greek yogurt are two more simple possibilities.

There are two forms of coconut milk: cans and cartons, each with a significantly varying calorie count. For me, canned coconut milk tastes better since it's thicker, creamier, and has more fat, which makes it filling for longer.

Coconut milk

If you bought canned coconut, go for the reduced-fat, unsweetened variety! A lot of coconut products that are canned are extremely sweet and highly concentrated. Our smoothie already has a lot of natural sweetness to it!

Here, I usually split one can of reduced-fat coconut milk over two days, as half of a can is roughly a cup portion. If you'd want something even lower in calories, pick the coconut milk that's in the carton part of the refrigerator.

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