The 4 Zodiac Signs With The Best Manners


Taurus, controlled by Venus, the planet of love, is always looking for small ways to be kind. Small discussion with a neighbor or a waitress about a restaurant's daily specials shows off their politeness.

This earth sign is elegant and regal at home in their loungewear and at dinner, when they shine. “They know how to pair wine with a meal and are great tippers,” Garbis says. “Plus they always offer to pay and mean it.”


Libras are air signs and Venus-ruled, thus they try to attract everyone. They make eye contact, shake well, and socialize easily.

This sign is useful for introductions and goodbyes, explains Garbis. That makes them great hosts and guests. They refill drinks, make sure everyone is comfortable, and know what to put on a birthday card or wedding signing book.


Aquarius pays for a friend's drink, holds a door open for a queue, and compliments a stranger's attire. Air signs try to be nice to everyone, Garbis explains. They may appear distant, but their heart is always in the right place.

They demonstrate exemplary etiquette by dressing nicely for events. Aquariuses don't wear white to weddings or sweats to dinner parties. Garbis said they'll spend a lot of time matching their clothes to the ambiance.


Because Pisces is hyper-aware of everything they say and do, they naturally have impeccable manners. “They have a high emotional IQ and are very mindful of others’ thoughts and feelings

This water sign is a great listener and won't interrupt. Instead, they listen and offer insightful questions to make others feel heard.

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