The 7 Lowest-Calorie Alcoholic Drinks

White Wine Spritzer (75 calories, 6-8% Alcohol By Volume)

If you want a low-calorie, low-alcohol drink, try white wine spritzers. To start, pour one part club soda per three parts wine. The average 5-ounce white wine spritzer has 75 calories from 3 ounces of wine. Sauvignon blanc, riesling, and pinot grigio are best for this drink due of their strong aromas, fruity tastes, and light tannins.

Vodka Soda (82 calories, 10% ABV)

A lemon wedge and fresh or frozen berries provide color to the drink. Vodka has 65 calories per ounce (1.5 ounces in a cocktail), but carbonated water and freshly squeezed lemon or lime juice are almost calorie-free. The average 8-ounce vodka drink contains 82 calories.

Michelob Ultra (95 calories, 4.2% ABV)

Michelob Ultra has the fewest calories of all light beers. Michelob Ultra is tasty at 95 calories per 12-ounce drink. It tastes strong yet smooth and feels light during and after drinking.

Prosecco (100 calories, 12% ABV)

Prosecco is regularly toasted, and with 100 calories per 6-ounce glass, it's worth celebrating! This effervescent, light, fruity drink is great for gradual sipping, which helps you watch calories and alcohol. Carbonated Prosecco may slow down consumption since it's more filling than noncarbonated alcohol.

Ranch Water (131 calories, 6.9% ABV)

The unofficial cocktail of West Texas, ranch water is a simple, three-ingredient tequila highball made with fresh lime juice, tequila, Topo Chico (a Mexican sparkling mineral water), and a lime wedge for garnish. Ranch water has 131 calories per 10-ounce serving, which is low for this list.

Vodka Martini (120 calories, 40% ABV)

On Saturday nights, nothing beats the sound of a chilled martini swirling. Luckily for martini aficionados, this list included this classic drink. A traditional 6-ounce vodka martini has 120 calories from 1.5 ounces of vodka, 1/3 ounce of dry vermouth, and water from dilution.

Tequila with Fresh Citrus Juice (128 calories, 38% ABV)

Tequila with fresh lime is a delicious, sweet, earthy, and tangy drink perfect for the night. Like vodka, tequila has less carbohydrates and contaminants than other alcoholic drinks. Tequila has 128 calories per 2-ounce serving, which is ideal on the rocks or with a large cocktail ice cube.

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