9 Best Low-Intensity Exercises for Women To Lose Weight


Walking helps you lose weight with low-intensity exercise. Walking has been shown to promote cardiovascular health and muscular involvement.


Swimming is an excellent full-body workout that increases endurance, lung capacity, and muscular tone. Plus, it's great for summer comfort.


Gentle positions, regulated breathing, and meditation make this ancient discipline a balanced fitness routine. Recent study shows that yoga improves flexibility, core strength, and mindfulness, which can help you lose weight and feel better.


Pilates is great for weight reduction and muscular tone because it emphasizes core strength, flexibility, and posture, according to a 2021 research. Focus on mind-body connection and controlled movements


Cycling is a unique low-intensity workout that improves cardiovascular health and lets you explore. Cycling is a terrific way to stay fit and protect your joints, whether in nature or in town.


A low-impact workout like rowing burns calories. Most gyms include rowing machines, which are mild on joints and provide a full-body workout for weight reduction.

Kettlebell Training

"Kettlebell training can be a great way to build strength while keeping low-intensity exercise," Furr explains. "It improves coordination, strength, and mobility. It helps correct imbalances and strengthen grips."

Circuit Training

Circuit training comprises repeated low-intensity workouts with little respite. This workout raises your heart rate, burning calories and aiding weight reduction.


This ballet-inspired workout combines Pilates, yoga, and dance. Barre tones and sculpts certain muscle areas for weight reduction.

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