The Best Exercise to Get Fit, According to Katie Austin

Three-time SI Swimsuit model Katie Austin reveals her surprise best fitness secret. The Katie Austin App, a subscription platform with over 250 training videos, healthy meals, and lifestyle suggestions, was created by the fitness star.

“What’s the most effective single exercise for getting in shape?” Christian Harper, another model, questioned Austin during a Jenga Q&A at Miami Swim Week this month.

Walking would be my exercise, but there's no single workout motion. Big walker. I adore walking, she said. Every age group may benefit from walking because it's low-impact, healthy for the joints, boosts mood, and helps you lose weight and tone up quickly. You could do it with a partner.”

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Harper raved about Katie Austin's latest series, "Walk It Out," on the Katie Austin App.

In 2022, Harper, 30, and Austin, 29, were selected co-Rookies of the Year and Swim Search open casting call winners.

Austin's guided walks offer “inspo for your wellbeing as you get your steps in.” The Austin AF podcast host takes you through walking workouts and gives her best wellness recommendations.

“Walking is seriously how I destress for my mental health, how I get my movement in and motivation for my podcast,” she said on TikTok about the new launch. Why not mix everything? Let me assist you maximize your gorgeous girl walk. Walk it out together.”

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