These 3 Zodiac Signs Could Write A Bestselling Novel


The talkative superstar of the zodiac is a gifted writer. The intellectual air sign is connected to the third house of written communication in addition to being controlled by Mercury. 

They utilize the power of writing to comprehend the million things they have on their minds, whether it be through a stream of consciousness in their own notebook or shared with the entire world.

When necessary, they can move quickly, but it doesn't imply they're always organized, according to Marquardt. Gemini excels in writing because of this. They possess the gift of time, which allows them to organize their ideas and choose the best words to say.


Virgos excel in this field because of their meticulous attention to detail and distinct viewpoint. They cross every "T" and dot every "I."

They make great technical writers because, in Marquardt's words, "they can break down complex topics in ways that anyone can understand." 

They are also astute journalists like this earth sign, who is very realistic and impartial. If a Virgo retains creative control over a project, it will turn out nicely no matter what they write.


Being influenced by Venus, Libras are inherently creative people. They are drawn to the force of written words because they are air signs. 

They are excellent essayists, screenwriters, and content providers because of their interpersonal skills; they excel in ghostwriting for other people. "They can write their own ideas just as easily as they can write from the viewpoint of someone else."

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