These 4 Zodiac Signs Were Destined To Be Swifties


Nobody has more fun than Geminis, especially Taylor Swift fans. Lu believes Geminis like Swift because they know she will unleash significant bops with every album. 

Lu also says that “re-branding comes naturally to a Gemini,” which fits Swift's commitment to reinvention and her varied periods.


Some Swift fans may weary of her countless (and often puzzling) Easter eggs, but not Virgos. According to Lu, “Virgos can appreciate Taylor’s Easter eggs and how well-planned and calculated she is with everything in her career,” like masterminds. 

The perfectionist earth sign appreciates Swift's music videos, album releases, and teasers' meticulousness and manages to keep the facts straight every time.


Being a Sag, it's no surprise that Sagittarians are Swift fans. Lu says, “Taylor's optimism & sense for adventure not only reflects in her music but in everything she does, which her Sag fans will always resonate with.

 Perhaps Sagittarians' lucky stars gave them this particular take on Swift's songs. Swift even has a song named “The Archer” to prove this cosmic link.


Taylor Swift's music inspires all of us to be tenderhearted romantics and compassionate lovers, but Pisces doesn't need help. Lu explains, “This sensitive water sign not only gets Taylor’s music, but they can empathize differently and deeper.”

From Taylor's most dramatic Track 5s (IYKYK) to the heartbreaking ‘All Too Well (10 Minute Version) (From the Vault) (Taylor's Version),’ Pisces feel seen, acknowledged, and validated by Taylor's enormous emotional range.”

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