Why did Paige Spiranac retire from golf?

Former professional golfer Paige Spiranac currently works in a completely other field. In a recent Playing A Round podcast episode, she discussed the intricacies of her sporting experience.

After playing collegiately for the University of Arizona and San Diego State, Spiranac briefly entered the professional ranks. She talked about the emotional toll that her brief pro career had on her.

Spiranac began her sports career in gymnastics and, at the age of twelve, switched to golf at her father's recommendation after trying out tennis for a short while.

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She said, "I committed my everything to golf from the first swing," citing her strict practice regimen during her homeschooling days.

Even though Spiranac was a nationally rated junior golfer, her family believed that attending college would offer a unique experience, particularly considering that she had been homeschooled. "Despite consistent training and dedication, success in golf eluded me," she said.

Spiranac felt tremendous pressure to live up to her parents' notion that hard work always pays off since she thought she had what it took to be a world-class golfer but was unable to pursue a career in the sport.

During her time at SDSU, her love for the sport began to go off course as she looked for greater balance in her life.

She made one more attempt to rekindle her professional ambitions at the conclusion of her last semester in college, but the world had other ideas as Spiranac's unexpected ascent to social media popularity derailed her academic career, leaving her two credits short of a degree.

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