The zodiac signs are derived from the paths that the sun makes across the 12 different constellations over the course of a year.

Every zodiac sign is linked to a unique collection of features and attributes that define a person's personality.

The ancient cultures of Babylonia and Egypt both contributed to the development of the zodiac signs that are used today.

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Many of the zodiac signs are named after animals, such as the sign for Aries, which is the ram, and the sign for Leo, which is the lion.

Gods and goddesses from ancient mythology are frequently featured in the legends that accompany each of the zodiac signs.

For instance, the narrative of Scorpio is connected to the Greek tradition of Orion being killed by a scorpion, which is where the myth originated.

In a similar vein, the myth of Sagittarius is connected to the Greek legend of Chiron, a centaur who was renowned for his prowess with an arrow.

The connection between zodiac signs and mythology continues to fascinate people today, and many still turn to astrology for guidance and insight.

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